Research paper / Improvisation of Man-Machine-Environment: A Communication System for Reversing the Car

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India HCI / Student design Consortium / September 2013

This paper attempts to improvise on the Man-Machine-environment system in context of reversing a car. The study explores various practices by drivers while reversing their car and the strategies involved in different situations. It describes about how drivers use current features of cars i.e. mirrors and turning back to visualize the rear view of car. The result of the study points out about the shortcomings in the present facility in providing comprehensive information of the vicinity. It also focuses on the car driver and systems that support, or sometimes even take over, critical parts of the driving task. Due to the diversity of driver ability, driving context and dependence between driver and environment factors, there is a need for personalized, adaptive and integrated support. Incorporating the results from studies a solution of ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) is proposed to the present scenario.

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