Project / Touchscreen Malayalam Keyboard for the Blind

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IIT Bombay / Degree Project / June 2013 – December 2013

Absence of a proper input and feedback mechanisms are the reasons why blind people are not able to use the touchscreen mobile devices for inputting text in Indian languages. This project aims to develop an effective Mobile touchscreen keyboard for the blind users to type in Malayalam. Different keyboards on Indian languages were studied, learned how the blind users use the existing keyboards and designed keyboard layouts based on the insights derived from the study. Here vision is substituted with haptic and voice for the better interaction between the blind user and the touchscreen, letting the user know where he is, giving two types of feedback to the user: What am I typing, what have I typed.     The final design achieved a speed of 1.05 words per minute (speed after the user underwent training for 3 hours with 100 complex Malayalam words) and 0.41 words per minute (mean speed after the users underwent training for 30 minutes with 10 words each).  

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